Each and every service member signs away their life when they commit to military service. Sadly, as a nation we have failed to honor those lives given in service in the war on terror, from the deserts of Iraq to the caves of Afghanistan to every other location on the globe where brave men and women have served and given their last measure of duty. The creation of this traveling memorial will bring truly national recognition of this service and must be an integral part of any efforts to honor every person taking part in this great struggle. 

Welcome Home Troops is proud to announce the initiation of a bold new effort to create a much needed memorial to honor the brave souls who have given their last measure of devotion in the War on Terror since that fateful day in September, 2001.

We hope you will take a moment to review the information below - and watch the amazing animation video of the proposed memorial - and then send us your input, ideas, and, if at all possible, donations to help make this project a reality, to make this dream come true, to help all of our veterans by so boldly recognizing their service.

Post 9-11 War Memorial Fast Facts

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Building the Post 9-11 War Memorial to Remember the Heroes of Afghanistan and Iraq

Honoring Those Who Have Sacrified

We need commited supporters like yourself to stand with us and sacrifice to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

We hope that you will be able to support this amazing effort and you will find below a number of pertinent facts about the memorial project.

Remembering the Fallen

Nearly a decade ago, the dedicated volunteer team at Welcome Home Troops decided to try to move heaven and earth to make just such a memorial happen - and now we are on our way.


•The memorial will be a mobile installation that will travel from city to city.  It is expected to make three to four stops each year around the United States, depending upon logistical details, etc.  Each stop will be coordinated with national veteran's organizations and their local branches.

•The circular memorial will have the name of every member of the military services that have given their lives in the war on terror permanently etched into the glass outer wall.

•The interior space of the open-air structure will feature numerous digital video display boards.  Friends and family members of each hero will have the opportunity to upload information (pictures, videos, text, etc.) into a permanent database that will be accessible to the public through those displays.

•The structure has been designed by California architect/artist Larry Armstrong, a principal of the internationally known firm Ware Malcomb.

•The structure's interior diameter is 30 feet and has a circumference of approximately 100 feet.  It is clad in hundreds of glass panes attached to a stainless steel frame and will be able to be easily taken down, moved, and re-constructed in multiple locations.

•We are currently launching a fund raising program to create and operate the memorial on an on-going basis.  While the budget has yet to be finalized, initial construction is expected to cost in the five to seven million dollar range while the annual transport and overhead costs will be approximately one to one and a half million dollars.

•To ensure fiscal transparency, Welcome Home Troops has already established a separate financial structure to raise and disperse all dedicated funds.  We hope you will be able to assist us by making a tax deductible donation to the project.

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